Polymax Polyester insulation


Polymax products deliver high-performance thermal solutions and are one of the greenest insulation products available on the market.
For full details on performance, environmental benefits and specifications or to choose the right product for your application download our Thermal Design Guide pdf.
Polymax Thermal Batts™
Polymax thermal insulation is manufactured using 100% polyester fibre that’s non-irritant, safe to use and engineered to provide maximum R-Value performance.
With heating and cooling accounting for 50-70% of energy used in the average Australian home, quality insulation is the proven way to reduce energy consumption – and the better the insulation, the bigger the savings.
With insulation, like anything else, you get what you pay for. But it’s worth remembering that the initial investment will quickly pay for itself in reduced energy bills.
Download Polymax Thermal Batts Data Sheet
Polymax Acoustic Thermal Batts™
Polymax acoustic insulation is extremely versatile, easy to install in wall or floor cavities and provides superior noise control in residential and commercial buildings.
Its outstanding sound dampening performance is effective in minimising outside noise intrusion as well as separating noisy areas from rooms where peace and quiet is important.
Improving the interior environment by effective noise control is as simple as choosing the right Polymax acoustic grade that suits your application.
Download Polymax Acoustic Thermal Batts Data Sheet
Polymax Building Blanket™
Polymax building blankets are not only designed for thermal performance, when laminated with a reflective foil it provides a vapour barrier to condensation under metal roofs and when fastened under concrete slabs.
Building blankets can be manufactured in standard sizes of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm or to specific material R-Values as required.
Download Polymax Building Blanket Data Sheet
Polymax Floor Premium thermal insulation rolls for suspended floors
Polymax Floor is a user-friendly environmentally sustainable insulation product specifically developed for new and existing suspended ground floors. No personal protective clothing masks or gloves are required when handling and installing.
Download Polymax Floor Data Sheet

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